Last month I had the pleasure of attending the Beaver Mountain Music Festival for the first time.  Here is my review of the festival from a Vendor’s perspective.

The setting was absolutely gorgeous! The venue was nestled in between the beautiful mountains of Logan Canyon. I loved the fact that there was easy access to water, power, wifi and other services that are typically hard to come by with these types of events.

In year’s past I would typically wrap up the festival season at the Roots and Blues festival at North Fork Park in Eden, but since they cancelled that event last year this was the perfect alternative. Not only did they have a great bluegrass and acoustic stage, but they also had an “electric forest” that was setup with the most amazing lights and laser shows I’ve ever seen in my life! The music was pretty incredible too! I’m not a huge fan of EDM but some of the local DJ’s were extremely talented.

The vendors area was a bit unique because we were spread out in a long line on the road, rather than being on the grassy area which I’m used to. The set up was okay but I would have preferred to see the stage. Something about being able to see the stage and hear the music let’s you feel like you’re still a part of the scene even if you can’t leave your booth!

Performer Highlights

Pixie and the Partygrass Boys kicked things off on Friday night and they’re always full of energy and good vibes.

Sammy Brue – I’ve been watching this kid come up as a youngster since he was 13 performing as a “tweener” at the Ogden Music Festival.

DJ Diggabeatz – He wrapped up the show as the Saturday night headliner and his music and energy were off the charts!!

Hope to see you there next year!